Security System

For a wide selection of our top quality security systems, please contact us directly at (403) 460-3488 and our courteous staff will be pleased to assist you.

Home Theatre

Have you dreamed about watching your favorite movies and sports on a widescreen TV with a sound system that makes even the smallest of sounds come alive?  Can you imagine not having to leave the comforts of your own home to experience this?  Who has the time and knowledge to properly install a system themselves?   Don't worry - the SOS Team can make your home theatre dream come true.  Contact us for a customized assessment.

Multi-Room Audio

There are many different features a multi-room audio system can provide such as: SOS Home Automation can provide you with a fully customized system to fit your precise requirements.

CCTV Surveillance

A CCTV Surveillance System is a business essential.  It also increases the security of your home substantially.  CCTV systems can be found in almost all public facilities, office towers, transit systems and private business.

We eliminate the frustration of selecting the most suitable CCTV system. Great care is taken in planning the proper choices of cameras, lenses and their placements.  SOS simplifies the whole process for you.  Our system applications are established on the most up to date technology.  Whatever your requirements may be, we can provide you with a professional solution to fit your needs.

Contract Services

Professional consulting plays a critical role in our business partnerships. We are a WCB bonded and insured company.  We are currently consulting with other large security companies and are willing to provide you with any contract consulting service your company may need.  Please contact us at (403) 460-3488 and we will be happy to assist you.

Up to 20% Off Home Insurance

As we are all very conscientious of where our hard earned money goes, we strongly recommend that you call your insurance company to inquire about the savings you are entitled to once you have a monitored security system in your home or business.  You’ll be glad you did.